Sunday, 16 August 2009

What's new with us???

Well it's been such a long time since I last blogged!! I'm now 17wks and 3 days pregnant with our second baby - 'spud'. Due date is 21st Jan - time seems to be flying by already. Wish it wouldn't tho lol!!! Bet I won't be saying that the nearer I get to 40 wks!!

Anyway, tomorrow we're taking Ryan into hospital. This time, on mon he's getting his gastrostomy done and then on tues he's getting a spinal MRI. we found out a few weeks ago that his spine has worsened by over 10deg in the last 6 months. Not good news at all, it's now at a 43 deg angle and getting worse. He's been referred to a specialist to discuss 'options'.

Worried sick about both GA's but got everything crossed he'll be fine. Hopefully he won't be in hospital for too long. 

Will update as and when I can. 

Julie x 

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  1. Hope everything went well for Ryan at the hospital - and that the g-tube works weel for you and I hope they can do something for his back